PROJECTS > Color is My Dopamine

What if we already have everything we need?
Material is everywhere. What if the stuff—or ideas or stories—we already have is all we need to have meaningful lives?

My previous installations were intended to be observed, watched and reflected upon. They centered my labor, my repetition as an opportunity for contemplation. I performed mindful action, attempting to entice the viewer to slow down. I occasionally invited the audience to engage in a ritual action that left visible mark.

Now I want my work to inspire others to see the value of what the already have, to find pleasure and meaning and transformation in the here and now. Via the cultural material that is already a part of our lives. To that end, I’m repurposing all the materials used in my impermanent, improvised installations as sacred secular objects for everyday use.

I make up-cycled, one-of-a-kind accessories and home decor (dangly earrings, tote bags, coiled planters, trivets, wind chimes and more). I seek to draw your attention to the color and texture in your everyday life.