"Reliquaries for Clinging and Letting Go"
A solo exhibition at Material Exhibitions (Chicago, IL)
December 12, 2021 - January 9, 2022
Opening Reception: December 12 11 AM - 2 PM


In 2020—a chaotic year of tremendous anxiety—Stacia Yeapanis meticulously brushed her cats, de-pilled her knit jumpsuits and completed jigsaw puzzles while watching TV and drinking La Croix. She obsessively documented lost masks on the ground, escaped into thrift stores daily and nervously arranged and rearranged her stuff in a futile attempt to control the uncontrollable. When she laid her 25-year-old jeep to rest, she mixed a gallon of its unique color—some see blue, others see purple—to hold onto what was already passing away.

The wall-hung sculptures in Reliquaries for Clinging and Letting Go (2021), use the jeep’s unique color as a unifying property for sculptures that marry the visual languages of domestic decor and sacred objects. In ambivalent expressions of anxiety, ritual and habit, Stacia combines thrifted objects intended to display souvenir collections with the material byproducts of her everyday life during lockdown. Shrouds made of deconstructed clothing, ritualistic collections of material waste and garlands made of lovingly-brushed cat fur, thread remnants, and consumer packaging are opportunities to reflect on the THINGS we cling to in the face of impermanence and uncertainty.

In conjunction with the exhibition, "Stay Right Where You Are" (2020-2021), a remix of clips from over 50 scripted television shows made during the early months on the pandemic, will be viewable through the end of the show. The video explores the multitude of emotional responses—both petty and profound—to life’s unexpected turns. The characters connect and argue across the boundaries of their shows, trying to cope with change and upheaval as the pandemic unfolds around them.