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When Things Fall Apart
When Things Fall Apart
Site-responsive, durational collage
Installation shot

When Things Fall Apart (2014)
Closing Reception: December 5th, 5-7pm
Lillstreet Art Center, Annex Gallery (2nd Floor)
Chicago, IL

In her ongoing series of collage installations, Stacia Yeapanis creates large-scale abstractions by pinning repetitive images cut from glossy magazines directly to the gallery wall. The images in advertisements and lifestyle articles are intended by their producers to create new desires and manipulate existing ones in consumers. By cutting, organizing and remixing the images, Yeapanis turns the act of consuming into one of creating.

Rather than permanently adhering the individual parts of the collages to each other, Yeapanis attaches them directly to the gallery wall with T-pins, which reference both the constructive process of quilting and the deconstructive process of dissection. The temporariness of the pinning echoes the ephemeral nature of desire and the tactics we use to satisfy it. These impermanent installations are improvised onsite, responding to the constraints of installation time and exhibition space.

When Things Fall Apart was continuously in-progress from November 7 to December 5, 2014. At the closing, the artist invited reception guests to help break down the piece by pulling pins out of the wall.