PROJECTS > The Relentless Recurrence of the Present Moment (2016)

The present moment just won’t stop being here. And it won’t stop passing away either. We can’t pin it down. We can’t hold on to it. We’re often leaning forward, looking for something better because the nature of the human organism is to pursue pleasure and to evade pain. We often assume the quintessential meditative moment is calm, serene and blissful. But meditation is training in being here. . . allowing what is, even when that is frustrating, depressing, aggravating and disappointing. The most profound repetition of our lives is the relentless recurrence of the present moment.

My impermanent installations are improvised arrangements of thousands of individual components, the byproducts of my haptic meditation practice. The non-goal-oriented gestures of coiling, winding, rolling, gluing, cutting, crocheting and spinning result in an accumulation of empty centers and spaces. I choose both manufactured goods and collected detritus of my life as an artist, a consumer, a cultural participant and a waitress. These materials, which will be reconfigured in future installations, represent an acceptance and engagement with what is, rather than a striving towards what should/could be.